Energy Trading

  • Oil and natural gas.
  • Overnight swap cap at 0.03%
  • Competitive pricing with low margin requirement.

Destined to Appreciate?

PSS transforms the oil and gas market with digitized investment products, offering our clients a straightforward and cost-efficient pathway to leverage oil investing.


Scarce products that the world uses everyday

Due to the limited supply of oil and gas, the price of oil and gas will arguably increase with their scarcity.

Lagging supply compared to global economic expansion

The price of oil and gas increases with global economic expansion, while a global recession presents a good opportunity to sell oil and gas for short term profit.

Why Trade Oil and Gas with PSS?

Traders experience a lower transaction cost of carrying and storing and can discover prices from oil and gas producers and the future market.

Deep order pools with no commission trade

  • PSS offers a fast, secure, and efficient environment for oil and gas trading with instant order settlement and no commission.

Trading Conditions

At PSS, we aim to make our trading conditions and policies as simple as possible. If you still have questions, please contact us for clarification.


No commission to trade oil and gas

While no commission is charged on energy trading, PSS may receive rebates from its liquidity providers and generates revenue from spreads.

Trading Hours

24 hours, 7days per week

Oil and gas markets open 24hours during weekdays. The market closes only on Saturdays and Sundays, including Christmas and New Year.

Contract Size

Crude oil contract size is 1,000 barrels of oil

  • 1 barrel equals to 158.99 Liter.
  • If a trader buys 1 contract of US_Oil at US$100 per barrel, then the trader is buying 1,000 barrels of oil at US$100,000.

Natural gas contract size is 10,000 MMBtu

  • 1 MMBtu equals to 1,000,000 Btu
  • If a trader buys 1 contract of US_NATG at $5 per MMBtu, then the trader is buying 50,000 MMBtu of natural gas at $50,000.
  • The British thermal unit (Btu or BTU) is a traditional unit of heat; it is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one-degree Fahrenheit.

Min. Trading Size (In Contract Size)

0.01 contact

The smallest amount that you can buy is 0.01 contract, which equals to 10 barrels of crude oil for US_Oil and 100 million Btu of natural gas for US_NATG.

Max. Trading Size (In Contract Size)

20 contacts

The largest amount that you can buy or sell at PSS is 20 contracts, which is equal to around 20,000 barrels of crude oil and 200 million Btu of natural gas.

Tick Price(Smallest Value in Quote)

0.01 for OilTick price for US_Oil (Crude Oil) is 0.01 which equals to US$10 per contact.

0.001 for GasTick price for US_NATG (Natural Gas) is 0.001 which equals to US$10 per contact.


Adjustable leverage up to 300 to 1

If a trade wants to buy 1 Bitcoin at $10,000, the trader must have a minimum of $10,000 in trading account using 1 to 1 leverage. However, if the trade changes the leverage to 50 to 1, trade can buy up to 50 Bitcoins using $10,000. In the same way, traders at PSS can buy up to 300 Bitcoins with $10,000 using 300 to 1 leverage.

Learn more about leverage and margin requirement

Margin Call

Required Margin and 50% Stop Out

Using 10 to 1 leverage, your required margin to buy 1 Bitcoin at $10,000 is $1,000. At all times, your account balance should be able to cover the required margin, regardless of market volatility. If your account balance falls below 100% of the required margin, you will get a margin call. In this case, you must deposit more funds or increase your leverage. If your account balance ever falls below 50% of the required margin, your open position will be forced to close by the system.

Learn more about margin call and stop out

Margin Calculation Formula

Margin requirement for crude oil =Current Price of Oil * 1,000 barrels * Number of Contract / Leverage

Margin requirement for natural gas =Current Price of Gas * 10,000 MMbtu * Number of Contract / Leverage

Profit Calculation Formula

Crude oil profit calculation =Buy: (Close Price – Open Price) * Number of Contract * 1,000 barrels
Sell: (Open Price – Close Price) * Number of Contract * 1,000 barrels

Natural gas profit calculation =Buy: (Close Price – Open Price) * Number of Contract * 10,000 MMBtu
Sell: (Open Price – Close Price) * Number of Contract * 10,000 mmBtu

Swap Interest Swap Charge Time

Overnight swap interest capped at 0.03%

The Swap Interest is charged once a day only if there is an open position when CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) open its futures trading at 4pm Central Time (UTC – 6) every day. If there is no open position at 4pm CT, no Swap Interest will be charged.

Swap Interest calculation formulaSwap interest for a long position = The Interest Rate * Contract * Premium / 360
Swap interest for a short position = The Interest Rate * Contract * discount / 360

PSS uses Interest Rate Cap to protect traders from any sudden surge in swap interest causing unavoidable disruption in trading.

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