We are here to help you succeed, so you can help us succeed.

Step 1. Begin your trading

  • Open a demo account and buy 1 lot for the first 6 symbols from the Market Watch window.
  • See how much profit or loss you are incurring as the market moves by a point.

Step 2. Begin your study

  • Do not get impatient if the prices seem to be moving too slowly.
  • This is the time to get to know the symbols and their underlying assets.

Step 3. Begin your research

  • Turn on Bloomberg or any other local TV stations on investments.
  • Listen to the analysts’ outlooks on the assets that you bought while you go to the next step.

Step 4. Begin your analysis

  • Now is the time to be a market analyst, but do not worry, our education skips the unnecessary introductions and gets straight to the point.
  • Learn how to analyze economic data and market psychology behind the price changes.
  • Analyze markets for yourself and see if you agree with analysts’ views on TV.

Step 5. Begin your investments

It is time to start your investment.

At PSS, we specialize in currency trading for beginners, ensuring your success drives ours. Our dedicated support and resources are designed to guide you through your trading journey, making the complex world of currency trading accessible and profitable for newcomers.

Place a 0.01 lot trade today.

Don’t be scared and don’t be too confident.
Prices will go up or down, and there is always a 50% chance of success.
Remember to not chase the market, but to anticipate on reaction.