Cryptocurrency Trading

  • No requotes and fast execution
  • Leverage up to 300 times
  • Overnight swap capped at 0.1%

Explore the World of Cryptocurrency Markets

As a digital asset designed to be a medium of exchange for secure financial transactions, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity since its creation in 2009.

Using the leverage system offered by PSS, traders can maximize their investment opportunities by using less than 1% of capital used in average cryptocurrency exchanges.

Increase in demand for cryptocurrency

The rising trend of leverage cryptocurrency trading reflects a broader shift towards blockchain systems for banking, attributed to their efficiency, security, and accessibility.


Low cost and fast transactions

Transaction costs for cryptocurrency are much lower than bank transfers. While banks charge over $30 per wire payment that take over 24 hours, Bitcoin payments can be sent for less than one dollar under one hour – as of August 9th, 2019.

Secure, easy, and convenient

By transacting directly with your counterpart, middlemen such as bank or credit card companies are cut out, allowing you to send money without any intervention. Storing Bitcoin is also easy, as Bitcoin is not a physical asset requiring expensive security measures. Finally, Bitcoin is fully transparent, allowing you to verify how much Bitcoin any address holds.

Fixed supply with limited inflationary risk

Currencies with unlimited supply, such as cash that is printed by the government, depreciates in value every year due to inflation. Also known as Theft Index, inflation measures the reduction of purchasing power through the transfer of value from holders of nation state currencies to debtors. While this amount is hard to notice by holders, debtors benefit by repaying less value in real terms. However, Bitcoin has a fixed amount and will be adjusted on inflation, minimizing inflationary risk.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency with PSS?

Our focus on cryptocurrency trading allows our clients to invest in the most dynamic market with reliable counterparts. Connected to over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges and 2 cryptocurrency future exchanges, we are confident in offering quality services in cryptocurrency trading. Our offers include:

No commission trading with fast and accurate trade execution

  • Get exceptional value on trades without commission and enjoy deep and constant order settlements under the fully automated settlement system.

Professional trading tools to elevate your game to the next level

  • Trade directly from a chart with one click and use trailing stop to lock in your profit. See Advanced Trading Tools that PSS MT4 Trading Platform offers.

Trading Conditions

At PSS, we aim to make our trading conditions and policies as simple as possible. If you still have questions, please contact us for clarification.


No commission to trade cryptocurrencies

While no commission is charged on cryptocurrency trading, PSS may receive rebates from its liquidity providers and generates revenue from spreads.

Trading Hours

24 hours, 7days per week

The cryptocurrency market is always open, allowing you to trade even at night and on bank holidays.

Contract Size

1 Cryptocurrency is 1 contract

If a trader buys 1 contract of Bitcoin, then the trader is buying 1 Bitcoin.

Min. Trading Size (In Contract Size)

0.01 contact

The smallest amount of a coin you can buy is 0.01 contacts which are equal to 0.01 Bitcoin.

Max. Trading Size (In Contract Size)

500 contacts per trade

The largest amount of coins you can buy or sell at PSS is 500 coins which is equal to 500 contracts per trade.

Tick Price(Smallest Value in Quote)

0.01 for cryptocurrencies denominated US Dollar and Euro

Tick price for BTCUSD (US Dollar denominated Bitcoin) is 0.01 US Dollar.


Adjustable leverage up to 300 to 1

If a trader wants to buy 1 Bitcoin at $10,000, the trader must have a minimum of $10,000 in trading account using 1 to 1 leverage. However, if the trader changes the leverage to 50 to 1, the trader can buy up to 50 Bitcoins using $10,000. In the same way, traders at PSS can buy up to 300 Bitcoins with $10,000 using 300 to 1 leverage.

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Margin Call

Required Margin and 50% Stop Out

Using 10 to 1 leverage, your required margin to buy 1 Bitcoin at $10,000 is $1,000. At all times, your account balance should be able to cover the required margin, regardless of market volatility. If your account balance falls below 100% of the required margin, you will get a margin call. In this case, you must deposit more funds or increase your leverage. If your account balance ever falls below 50% of the required margin, your open position will be forced to close by the system.

Learn more about margin call and stop out

Margin Calculation Formula

Margin % Requirement =

Current Price of Cryptocurrency * Number of Contract / Leverage

Profit Calculation Formula

Buy: (Close Price – Open Price) * Number of Contract

Sell: (Open Price – Close Price) * Number of Contract

Swap Interest Swap Charge Time

Overnight swap interest capped at 0.1%

The Swap Interest is charged once a day only if there is an open position when CME* (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) opens its future trading at 4pm Central Time (UTC – 6) every day. If there is no open position at 4pm CT, no Swap Interest will be charged.

Swap Interest calculation formulaSwap interest for a long position = The Interest Rate * Contract * Premium / 360
Swap interest for a short position = The Interest Rate * Contract * discount / 360

PSS use Interest Rate Cap to protect traders from any sudden surge in swap interest causing unavoidable disruption in trading.

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CME* the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, colloquially known as the Chicago Merc, is an organized exchange for the trading of futures and options.

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