Create Your Fund Management Teams

Discover the best robot trading system at PSS: Create trading robots tailored to your unique strategies or invest in robots designed by seasoned traders.

Trading robot is a computer program based on a set of trading algorithm to help determine entry and exit investment strategies for different assets removing the psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental.

PSS trading platform let you create or hire programmer to code a specialized and fully automated trading robot. In addition, you can buy ready-to-use trading robots built by professional traders around the world directly from PSS trading platform.

How to create your trading robot

  • Create trading robots without any programming by selecting one of many expert advisors.
  • Expert advisors can be personally customised by adjusting the following 3 main units.
    • Generation of buy and sell signals
    • Trailing of open positions
    • Risk management
  • Turning on the intraday indicator signal finds favorable and unfavorable trading hours.
  • Risk level can be customized and optimized depending on your preferred trading method.

Order to code your own trading robot

  • Experienced developers can personally create your trading robot or indicator.
  • Price range and deadline period can be specified before further negotiation.
  • The order can then be made public and available to all developers or sent to a specific developer.
  • Developer candidates can be selected based on their requested price and satisfaction statistics from completed orders.
  • After the agreement is signed, payment is frozen on the customer’s account and automatically transferred upon completion of the project.

How to buy a trading robot

  • Available products can be sorted by different categories for easy navigation.
  • Each product includes detailed descriptions and screenshots.
  • Robots and trading indicators can be tested through free demo versions.
  • Pay using your account to link purchases and access your trading robot from any computer.
  • Other online payment methods, such as PayPal and credit card are available.
  • Free products can be easily downloaded and used without payments.

Test your trading robot before buying

  • All expert advisors and indicators can be tested for free prior to purchase.
  • Deposit amount and leverage can be specified for accurate testing.
  • The graph window tracks changes in balance, equity, and margin for better risk management.
  • “Visualization” displays all executed trades on the chart for better analysis.
  • Change price emulation periods, use delays, and optimize parameters with different criteria to evaluate strong and weak points in trading robots.