PSS trading services

Is PSS a Market Maker?

PSS is not a market maker, but an exchange using STP (Straight Through Processing) model sending client orders directly to the market without passing them through a dealing desk.

Why your price for certain symbols is better than your trading partners?

PSS gets the best prices available from its trading partners and therefore prices for trading are usually the same or better than its trading partners. At the same time, PSS guarantees that all orders are executed exactly at the price the order were received without any delays or price alternations.

I have issue with trade execution, who should I contact?

You can open a ticket using the link below for immediate assistance. All disputes are reviewed and resolved within 24 hours.

Open Trade Dispute Ticket

How long does it take my order to be filled and settled?

99.99% of orders are settled less than in one second from the moment the order was transmitted.

Why did PSS close my trading position without my consent?

PSS is entitled to close all or part of your open positions at the current market price if the equity falls below 45% of the required margin. Equity is the current value of your trading account. It is the sum of your account balance and all floating (unrealized) profits or losses associated with your open positions.

Can I lose more than I invested?

No. We have a sophisticated margin and liquidation process that is designed to prevent any trading account balance become negative.

Is there a chance that my order will be executed at a better price than the market price?

Yes, if the market price moves in a favor of your order when the order is executed, your order will be filled at the better price result in price improvement for your order.

Am I protected against unauthorized activities in my trading account?

If you lose cash due to unauthorized activity in your account, PSS reimburses you all your loss in case unauthorized activity was no fault of your own.

Does PSS offer leverage?

Yes, PSS offers leverage up to 500 times on most of its products.

For more information on what is leverage, please watch video from the link below.

Leverage Your Investments

What is Bid and Ask?

A Bid is a standing order where the trader wishes to buy a contract at a specified price and quantity. An Ask is a standing order where the trader wishes to sell a contract at a specified price and quantity.

For more information on Bid and Ask, please watch video from the link below.

Spread, Bid, and Ask

How can I install the trading platform and place an order?

For installation and how to use trading platform, please check FAQs on trading platform.

You may also watch the video from the link below.

How to use PSS MT4 trading platform.

How to use PSS mobile trading platform.