Marketing and Sales

Can I earn income marketing PSS?

You can activate your affiliate account from ibanking and share your affiliate links by email or text to earn rebates on trades for lifetime.

You affiliate links are incorporated with a special code to identify your affiliate account. If any accounts are opened from the link with the special code of your affiliate account, the account will be credited to you automatically and you will start earing rebates for each trade placed by your affiliate for your lifetime.

Do you support any marketing cost to your affiliates?

PSS offers marketing stipend to qualified affiliates and introducing brokers to support regional marketing campaign promoting products and services of PSS.

Do you offer white label service?

Yes, PSS offer white label partnership to experienced brokers and traders.

A White Label allows customization and rebranding of PSS products and services based on the White Label partner’s requirements. Firms or individuals who want to start a business in investment advisory service can apply and benefit from the wide range of solutions offered by PSS.

White Label Partnership is focused at companies and institutions that want the full right to accept and hold customer’s funds while PSS provides back office services and accessibility to developed and advanced infrastructure.

Will PSS ever call me?

PSS’s primary support channel is email. The PSS support team will only call clients in special cases upon request and after coordinating a date and time via email correspondence.

I have suggestions and feedbacks regarding services of PSS.

Please email us the details to We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Feedback from our clients plays an important role in this process and helps inform us about which new feature initiatives to prioritize.