About PSS

What is PSS?

PSS is a decentralized exchange and broker-dealer offering low-cost online trading services with clear and transparent pricing and blockchain-based, real-time bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

Who owns PSS?

PSS is a branch of PSS Group offering online trading services taking advantage of offshore structure and blockchain technology to offer decentralized online investment service to traders around the world.

How does PSS make profits?

PSS profits from spreads and overnight swaps charge. Spread is the difference between buy price and sell price. Over night swap charge is interest that is changed to any open position when market close for the day. Over night swap interest is charged at 5PM New York time.

Should PSS be regulated by financial supervisory authorities?

As a decentralized exchange and broker-dealer, PSS is not and will not be registered with a financial supervisory authority. We have studied rules and regulations and also got legal advice to review what we found and then consulted with regulators themselves including US and UK to confirm the regulatory requirement for PSS to offer its services. PSS operates its business within the boundaries of permitted activities by the law.

Why does PSS choose to be a decentralized exchange?

PSS is a decentralized financial service company that does not rely on trust from financial associations and supervisory authorities. Centralized financial service companies pay fees to associations and authorities to gain trust from the public, and these fees are passed on to the investors for their protection against financial service companies taking advantage of less sophisticated investors.

Some financial service companies charge investors high fees, provide poor services, and are inadequately capitalized. For this reason, investors seek protection from financial supervisory authorities. In return, these authorities and associations collect fees from financial service companies for their mediation services. Then, these overhead costs are passed down to investors.

Instead of relying on trust given by a central entity, what is needed is real-time payment processing and transparent public communication among investors and service providers. This enables investors and service providers the ability to transact directly with each other and save overhead costs.

What makes PSS different is that PSS does not charge any fee for deposits or withdrawals. Also, investors have easy access to their funds through blockchain-based, real-time payment processing. This secures investors by ensuring funds are always within their reach.